• Absolute Darkness


  • High comfort


  • Individual modelling


  • Hand made in Berlin

    Hand made
    in Berlin

  • 30-nights-money-back guarantee

    30-nights-money-back guarantee

It is time for a sleeping mask that
keeps its promise.

Our unique sleeping mask lets you sleep in absolute darkness with supreme comfort.

Its dome-like 3D form provides
ample space for your eyes and eyelashes.

nox can be tightly fitted around your nose and cheeks in order to
create complete darkness.

We only use high quality materials,
which make nox breathable and robust.

The outer fabric is
100% cotton jersey, certified by Ökotex-100
(besides vegan and free of nickel).

Behind the mask-
‘Schlafbrillen Manufaktur Berlin’

we are a team of young engineers and
fashion designers who like to travel.
When we could not find the perfect
sleeping mask
on the market,
we designed it ourselves.

The design of nox focuses on two essential features:

absolute darkness and comfort. nox is available in one color only:
deep black.

Sleep better
with nox.

Order nox now for 59 Euro (incl. VAT).


30-nights-exchange or money-back guarantee without stating reasons (we are always interested in suggestions for improvements though)

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